Nice to meet you here 🙂

My name is Daria Kuvakina. For my whole life i have been greatly fond of drawing, sketching and painting, creating art objects and various hand-made articles.

I used to be an architect and, above all, it helped me to develop my sense of colour, balance and harmony as well as understanding of perspective and composition, let alone the technical part like layouting, publication preparation and printing.  

I still love buildings and in order to connect architecture with art i do murals and wall-painting. You can find some of the recent works in “Projects” tab.

Making illustrations for children books has been my lifetime dream and I’m finally making it come true. My illustration style can be sooo versatile depending on the theme and idea of the project, but a little bit of humor is a must! I like to combine free-hand drawing and digital post-production, using deep colours and overlapping layers.

If you are interested to work with me on a book (calendar, board game, postcard or whatever) just contact me and i`ll be happy to help!

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2021 A Way with Illustrations Competition – finalist illustrator

Ethicool, Australia 

2023 Premio Apila First Printing Award – finalist illustrator, second selection

Apila Ediciones, Spain

2023 8th BIBF Ananas International Illustration Exhibition – finalist illustrator

Beijing, China

2023 Hamburger Bilderbuchpreis – longlist

Hamburg, Germany

2024 The Illustrators Exhibition of Bologna Childrens Book Fair –finalist illustrator

Bologna, Italy

2024 Buntspecht Nachwuchspreis für Bilderbuchillustration – 2.Platz

Berlin, Germany




2023 – School of Design of Arago in collaboration with Zaragoza Cultura, Spain

2023 – BIBF Ananas International Illustration Exhibition, Beijing

2024 – Buntspecht Finalisten Ausstellung, Akademie für Illustration und Design (AID Berlin)